George V. Voinovich Bridge

Designer:  HNTB General Contractor:  Walsh Construction Company Electrical Contractor:  Miller Wire and Cable System Integrator: Vincent Lighting Systems, Co.

Ehove Career Center

Architect:  Poulos + Schmid Design Group, Inc. Electrical Engineer:  TES Engineering Electrical Contractor:  South Shore Electric General Contractor:  ADENA Corporation

Calculite gen3

Maximize visual appeal by three beam spreads options to give the right distribution and light output.

U-Light Axolight

New collection composed by aluminum suspensions available in anthracite grey or rust brown.

Big Four Bridge

The Big Four Bridge that connects Louisville, Kentucky, and Jeffersonville, Indiana, has become a popular destination with an estimated 1 million visitors in its first two years.


Unprecedented uniformity and consistency for demanding white-light applications.


Clara’s hollow, illuminated lensed body provides designers a bold new aesthetic from which to deliver energy-efficient, high performance LED lighting.

HP-WS Perimeter Slot

HP-WS Perimeter Slot is a perimeter LED luminaire that creates a wash of light for ambient and vertical illumination at the transition between the wall and the ceiling plane.


SilkSpace delivers discrete, comfortable lighting with great performance and ultra low-glare.